Training & Exercise rides

Let our trainers keep your relationship with your horse happy and in good physical condition with training rides. Fees start at $25 per ride.

Horse Body Clipping

  • Full body / hunter clip: $100
  • Trace/Blanket/Irish: $75
  • Strip: $45

Additional Services

We have in-house trainers and professionals that can assist you with additional needs if necessary to give your horse above and beyond care. Visit Our Team page for more information about our staff.

Their capabilities to offer extraneous services include but are not limited to:

  • Leg Wrapping
  • Wound cleaning and bandaging
  • Equine First Aid assistance
  • Training rides/sessions
  • Bathing/Grooming

Our experience staff and team of professionals can offer you additional services upon request. Don’t hesitate to ask us about accommodating any special needs or requests.

Website Design and Marketing

Kaitlyn has her bachelor’s degree in graphic design and has been practicing both print and web design since 2011. Specializing in affordable equestrian based websites and branding, Kaitlyn aims to make updating and maintain the websites easy for her clients. Check out for samples.

Pricing depends on the scope or work required.