We offer leasing opportunities for lesson students to further their riding education and further grow upon what they are working on in their lessons. We ask that students maintain their weekly riding lessons when leasing to ensure both horse and rider are continuing together positively. Our lease terms are so that both horse and rider can safely continue to exercise and build together.

Leasing allows for additional saddle time to build strength and balance as well as rider cardio/conditioning. It is a great option for riders who are looking to compete or contemplating buying a horse, but not quite ready to make that leap.

Lease Pricing/Packages:

  • 1 Day / week: $150
  • 2 Days / week: $250
  • 3 Days / week: $350
  • 1 Day/Month: $30
  • 2 Days/Month: $60
  • 3 Days/Month: $80

Leases typically are month-month. Speak with your instructor about the appropriate horses available and showing opportunities.